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    Family law cases may be perhaps some of the most emotional and stressful types of legal matters someone may experience. These cases may involve fractured relationships, disputes over children, and challenging financial situations, all of which can be devastating. An Albany family lawyer may be best equipped to represent your interests and guide you throughout any of these proceedings.

    Divorce, paternity, child custody, property division, and spousal support are just a few of the many family law issues that you may encounter throughout your life. You may be able to handle these difficult times better by enlisting the help of a dedicated and compassionate attorney.

    Types of

    Family Law Cases in Albany

    Many family law matters result from the break-up of a relationship. Individuals, whether married or not, often form intimate relationships that may deteriorate for one reason or another over time. When the separation of a couple occurs, these individuals may be faced with various issues. Our family law attorneys in Albany could help.

    Children and Family Law Issues

    Some of the most contentious family law cases our lawyers encounter in Albany result from disagreements over children. Lengthy proceedings are possible when parties cannot settle their differences about issues related to their children. In these circumstances, getting the advice and guidance of an attorney in Albany could be critical to the outcome of any family law case.

    Child custody and visitation are two of the most contested issues in family law cases, regardless of the relationship status of the parents. Some parents may cooperate and communicate to make a joint custody arrangement feasible, but others may not as a result of their feelings toward one another. In these cases, where the parties cannot agree, the court must make the custody and visitation decisions that they believe are in the best interests of the child.

    Financial matters related to children also can be highly controversial, as parents struggle to balance their personal financial needs with those of their children. Parents often disagree about what expenses are necessary for children and what level of financial support is appropriate.

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    Get The Best Outcome For Your Children

    Learn how to help your kids cope with your divorce with our complimentary guide for parents who are getting divorced or separated in New York.

    Get The Best Outcome For Your Children

    Consult an Albany Family Attorney for Help

    Divorce and other family law proceedings can be full of tension, emotions, and stress. Matters related to children and finances are among the most important decisions that a family can face. Getting the guidance of a family lawyer in Albany can be crucial to protecting your rights and future.

    While settling a family law dispute is possible in many cases, in other situations, trial may be necessary. When you are in this situation, you need someone to represent your interests and protect your rights.

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    NY Analog
    NY Analog
    13:09 15 Aug 22
    Through a yearlong and difficult divorce, Anthony Sokolowski was a skilled attorney who helped me navigate the most... challenging aspects of a divorce and custody battle. He was on top of things throughout, always patient and empathetic. When things got tough he was a strong defender and he had embodied my situation when I needed him to do more
    Lucinda Yates
    Lucinda Yates
    22:43 04 Aug 22
    I retained Attorney Anthony Sokolowski for my very difficult and complicated divorce and custody case. Anthony was not... only knowledgeable but personable and I never felt alone throughout process. Anthony was always honest and genuine with me, he was always available and made me feel safe in the fact that he was fighting for my and my child’s best interest. I worked with Anthony for over a year and this held true throughout entire time. We ended with getting what I asked for and the best possible outcome for myself and my child.I highly recommend Anthony Sokolowski for any family law more
    Brenna Rustick
    Brenna Rustick
    20:46 11 Jul 22
    I was referred to this Law Group from a local office and I'm glad I followed through. I was represented by Kyle who... was professional, responsive, and easy to work with. I felt very comfortable with his representation. Thank you....Carmel Reillyread more
    David Bellefeuille
    David Bellefeuille
    14:01 28 Jun 22
    My experience was truly enlightening and very welcoming! I spoke with Kito who instantaneously related with my... situation and assured me that the firm could help me and I believe him. Five stars all around. It’s nice to meet people who have the same compassion for fathers rights and actually love to help instead of just pushing papers through. Thanks For all the information and encouragement Kito .read more
    Rebecca Linscott
    Rebecca Linscott
    14:04 11 Jun 22
    From the very first call, this law firm has been nothing short of exceptional. My family is working with Kyle, who... consistently provides support, dedication, responsiveness, and who utilizes his experience to help us navigate family court and custody. Every interaction is professional, and I would highly recommend the Colwell Law more
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