• Custody of Pets and Animals During Divorce
    Courts in New York State are responsible for considering the ownership and monetary value of goods and assets in the home during divorce proceedings. In terms of ownership and distribution, the Courts treat pets just like any other item or property. This ultimately means that a divorce Court Order will likely determine pet custody. Are there other choices available, to
  • The Cost of Divorce in New York
    Going through a divorce is difficult, and is often so in a myriad of ways for each person involved. Divorce is stressful and results in significant life changes, all of which impact the most important areas of the participants’ lives. Lifestyle changes and financial responsibilities shift, as well as considerations about costs relating to raising children separately. Navigating financial burdens
  • Important Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer
    The divorce process can be incredibly overwhelming. It may be difficult to determine a starting point, especially if you do not know what the law requires. If you are unable to settle your divorce without litigation, the first step is to find a lawyer who is committed to help you. That attorney – your counsel and divorce law expert -
  • What to Do When Only One Spouse Wants a Divorce
    In most divorces, both parties agree that the relationship is over. Divorces will not be granted until an agreement or a court resolution of questions concerning division of property, custody over children, alimony, and child support. But what can you do if only one of the spouses wants to terminate the marriage? Reasons Only One Spouse Might Want to End
  • How To Cope with Losing Custody of Your Child
    The agony of losing custody of a child is something no parent should endure. Parents often find themselves in this tragic situation, and it can be tough to know how to cope with such a life-altering occurrence. However, there are things you can do to simplify things for yourself and your family. It can be tough to imagine how you
  • Fear of Catching COVID-19 During a Divorce Hearing
    Although the most intense period of COVID-19 is hopefully behind us, the fear of contracting this virus still exists, and it can affect court proceedings, including in the realm of family law. The pandemic has changed a lot about how courts operate, so someone who is concerned about their health can potentially be granted a virtual hearing in a divorce
  • Gestational Surrogacy Ban is Lifted in New York
    Traditional views of family are evolving to keep pace with technologies and the changing legal and social landscape. Prior to assisted reproductive technologies, it was not necessary to determine who the parents of a baby were, as biology told you that. But the right to procreation has not always been available to everyone. Having children is a life event that
  • Determining Child Custody During COVID-19
    The outbreak of coronavirus – or COVID-19 – has affected nearly every facet of American life. Unfortunately, that includes the ability of divorced or separated parents to share custody of their children, which involves constant travel and concerns about possible virus transmission. If someone in the family is especially vulnerable to the virus, the frequent exchanges could put them at
  • What Impact Will Coronavirus Have on Domestic Violence Cases?
    If you are experiencing domestic violence in your home, you still have access to the courts for help even in a time when the coronavirus pandemic is shutting down businesses and other institutions. Even if there has been no physical violence yet, you may still fear for your safety. In this time of mandatory “stay at home” orders, things may get challenging
  • Tips for Co-Parenting during COVID-19
    At The Colwell Law Group our attorneys understand that the outbreak of COVID-19 has created a challenging time for all families. Each day disruptions both large and small occur as a result of this Coronavirus pandemic.  These sudden disruptions can have a negative affect on your family, especially your children and your custody situation. Your family may be facing new
NY Analog
NY Analog
13:09 15 Aug 22
Through a yearlong and difficult divorce, Anthony Sokolowski was a skilled attorney who helped me navigate the most... challenging aspects of a divorce and custody battle. He was on top of things throughout, always patient and empathetic. When things got tough he was a strong defender and he had embodied my situation when I needed him to do more
Lucinda Yates
Lucinda Yates
22:43 04 Aug 22
I retained Attorney Anthony Sokolowski for my very difficult and complicated divorce and custody case. Anthony was not... only knowledgeable but personable and I never felt alone throughout process. Anthony was always honest and genuine with me, he was always available and made me feel safe in the fact that he was fighting for my and my child’s best interest. I worked with Anthony for over a year and this held true throughout entire time. We ended with getting what I asked for and the best possible outcome for myself and my child.I highly recommend Anthony Sokolowski for any family law more
Brenna Rustick
Brenna Rustick
20:46 11 Jul 22
I was referred to this Law Group from a local office and I'm glad I followed through. I was represented by Kyle who... was professional, responsive, and easy to work with. I felt very comfortable with his representation. Thank you....Carmel Reillyread more
David Bellefeuille
David Bellefeuille
14:01 28 Jun 22
My experience was truly enlightening and very welcoming! I spoke with Kito who instantaneously related with my... situation and assured me that the firm could help me and I believe him. Five stars all around. It’s nice to meet people who have the same compassion for fathers rights and actually love to help instead of just pushing papers through. Thanks For all the information and encouragement Kito .read more
Rebecca Linscott
Rebecca Linscott
14:04 11 Jun 22
From the very first call, this law firm has been nothing short of exceptional. My family is working with Kyle, who... consistently provides support, dedication, responsiveness, and who utilizes his experience to help us navigate family court and custody. Every interaction is professional, and I would highly recommend the Colwell Law more
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