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Divorce is already a difficult process; the prospect of financial difficulties makes the proceedings even more challenging. Spousal support, familiarly known as alimony, is intended to provide assistance to a lower earning spouse facing potential economic hardship.

Considering the complex laws and emotional stakes, it is important to trust experienced, knowledgeable alimony attorneys with your case. At The Colwell Law Group, LLC, our alimony lawyers are dedicated to serving your needs in spousal support matters, regardless of whether you are seeking or contesting alimony. We have been assisting clients in the Capital Region and Upstate New York with all aspects of divorce since 2005, and we can help you, too.

Spousal Maintenance Laws in New York

Generally, divorce laws recognize that one spouse may suffer financial hardship as a result of divorce. Alimony is an arrangement that levels the playing field, so that a lower earning party can live in relative comfort and become economically self-sufficient. Divorcing spouses may agree on spousal maintenance, but a court will apply a specific formula under New York State law in the event of disputes. Factors include:

    • The age and health of the parties, in the context of their ability to earn a living;
    • The duration of the marriage;
    • Current income and future earning capacity;
    • The potential of the spouse seeking alimony to become self-sufficient through education or training;
    • Asset division;
    • Whether one party gave up employment or education opportunities to contribute to the family,
    • Whether one spouse made contributions to further the career opportunities of the other; and,
  • Many other considerations.

These factors provide guidance to the Warren County Family Court, both in determining whether alimony is appropriate and the amount. Note that gender is not a consideration in spousal maintenance decisions.


Types of Alimony

As they relate to the court proceedings, there are two types of alimony in a New York divorce case:

    1. Temporary Maintenance intended to support one spouse during the divorce process; and,
  1. Post-Divorce Maintenance, which is paid to one spouse after the case concludes.

There are additional classifications within the category of post-divorce maintenance. Durational alimony may be ordered for a designated period of time after the case concludes, allowing the recipient a foundation to regain financial footing and earn a respectable living. Non-duration spousal support is paid for the recipient’s lifetime, unless he or she remarries. This type of post-divorce support is usually only reserved for situations where:

    • The marriage was long in duration;
    • One spouse is significantly wealthier and has extensive employment potential; or,
  • The lower earning spouse may have difficulty re-entering the workforce, whether due to age or other factors.

Our Attorneys Represent Your Interests in Spousal Support Matters

At The Colwell Law Group, our lawyers are motivated to provide knowledgeable, personalized advocacy in all divorce cases. Throughout the proceedings in your case, we are dedicated to:

    • Listening closely regarding your needs and goals;
    • Developing a legal strategy intended to meet your objectives;
    • Personally communicating with you regarding status, updates, and developments in your case; and,
  • Working with you as your loyal partner, both in and out of court.

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