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Parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support for their children, whether born into a marriage or out of wedlock. In an ideal world, they could agree on the amounts necessary to raise the child. However, paternity and divorce proceedings may pit parents against each other, and raise passionate emotions. Plus, New York State laws and formulas on child support can be convoluted if you do not have a legal background.

At The Colwell Law Group, LLC, our child support attorneys possess the necessary skills to serve your family and the needs of your child. Since 2005, we have been representing parents in the Capital Region and Upstate New York with all types of family law issues. Our lawyers have amassed considerable knowledge and experience to ensure protection of your rights in a child support matter.

Determination of Child Support

Child support issues generally come up in one of two situations:

    1. Establishing Paternity: Where the parents are not married, it is necessary to establish paternity before seeking child support.
  1. Divorce: A key issue in New York divorce proceedings is care and support for minor children. A Warren County Family Court judge will enter all appropriate orders after reviewing the child’s best interests, as required by law. In most cases, the non-residential parent will provide support to the other parent to cover a wide range of expenses.

The objective of child support is to ensure the child has the financial means necessary to experience the same relative lifestyle he or she would have, had the family remained intact. New York State law includes specific formulas for calculating child support, based upon such factors as:

    • The paying parent’s income;
    • Health insurance costs;
    • The existence and needs of other children that the paying parent supports; and,
  • Other factors.


Modifying Child Support Orders

New York State law recognizes that, as circumstances change, the court’s order on child support may need modification. Where the recipient parent gains earning capacity, or where the payor loses employment opportunities, it may be necessary to make changes to the child support order. Under no circumstances should you respond to a change in circumstances by not paying support, as the legal consequences can be severe.

Our Firm Guides You Through All Aspects of Child Support Cases

At The Colwell Law Group, our lawyers strive to offer compassionate, knowledgeable representation in all aspects of child support cases. You can trust our attorneys to:

    • Be attentive in understanding your needs and objectives;
    • Customize a legal strategy intended to achieve your goals;
    • Maintain open communication with you on status, updates, and relevant issues in your case; and,
  • Consider your input and participation as a team member, both in and out of court.

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