The presence of domestic violence in the home poses a risk of psychological and physical harm, and victims of domestic violence may fear for their wellbeing and be unsure of what steps to take to protect themselves and their children. At The Colwell Law Group, LLC, our attorneys understand how sensitive cases involving domestic violence are, and always approach these cases with the utmost discretion and care. If you are a victim of domestic violence and are ready to take action to protect yourself and your future, contact our law offices today.

Seeking a Domestic Violence Order of Protection

Our attorneys highly advise you to seek shelter in a safe place if you are a victim of domestic violence. Once you are safe, the next step is filing a petition for an order of protection. When you file an order of protection with the court, you will be granted a temporary order of protection, which is valid until you appear in court at a later date, and after the abusive party has been served.

Your temporary order of protection can be used to seek protection from abuse, and usually includes an order from the court that the abusive party must refrain from contacting you or traveling to your place of work; refrain from entering your home, even if it is shared; and refrain from certain acts, such as calling you continuously. Indeed, the order can even be used to secure temporary child custody or child support.

Once you go to court, you can seek a final order of protection. Your final order of protection will last for two or five years, and in addition to the elements above, may also include provisions regarding an order for restitution, damages for medical expenses, and may order the abusive party to participate in counseling.


How Our Saratoga County Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help

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It can be very intimidating to seek a domestic violence order of protection, in part because you are afraid of the abusive party, and in part because you are not sure how to navigate the court system. Our attorneys are highly experienced in domestic violence cases, and can help you to compose and file your petition with the court, and will instruct you regarding all of the information that needs to be included. It is important that your petition includes very specific details of the abuse, and that you are prepared to discuss these details with the judge who presides over your case.

Once you have secured a domestic violence protection order, our attorneys can assist you in pursuing other related matters, such as divorce, child custody, child support, or spousal maintenance.

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Domestic violence is scary, and if you are currently living in a home where domestic violence is occurring, you are no doubt worried about your future and what to do next. When you contact our Saratoga County domestic violence lawyer at our office in Ballston Spa, NY, we will lend you the support you are looking for, and give straightforward answers to your most pressing questions. Please contact us today for the legal help you need.

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