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Divorce is an unfortunate fact of life for many. The process can be overwhelming with pressures from your and your spouse’s family, division of assets, deciding your child’s future living situation, and more. Undertaking everything that comes with a divorce, as well as holding together your day-to-day life, can be an impossible task, especially if the other spouse is not cooperating with your wishes. However, you are not alone. The help of an experienced Saratoga divorce lawyer can prove to be invaluable, whether you hope to solve disputes through a collaborative divorce, mediation, or in court.

Property Division Includes Deciding Who Gets What

New York is an equitable division state, according to the New York Courts, and marital property must be divided as equally as possible by a judge. Marital property is anything that was purchased or acquired during the marriage, other than the following:

  • Personal injury awards or settlements; or
  • Gifts or inheritance given specifically to one spouse.

As such, marital property is essentially everything else: cars, real property such as a house or condominium, furniture, sports equipment, electronics, stocks, pension plans, 401k plans or IRAs, businesses, and even debt. The other type of property that New York recognizes is personal property, which is not divided during divorce. Personal property is anything that each party brought into the marriage, such as real property, bank accounts, IRAs, a car, and debt as well. However, the Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights at Death Act mandates that property of a couple that is already married, who move from a community property state to New York, remains community property.


Alimony or Spousal Support/Maintenance

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In New York, each spouse is held responsible for providing for the other until death or remarriage. This means that the higher-earning spouse may be held accountable for providing alimony payments. However, in New York, the legal terms for alimony are maintenance and spousal support. Spousal support is usually a temporary financial aid given to the lower earning spouse during divorce, though spousal support has no time limit and can remain functioning as long as the marriage still exists. Maintenance is either a temporary or permanent payment to the lower-earning spouse after divorce, and is based on a variety of factors that determine how capable the lower-earning spouse is of becoming financially independent, among other factors.

Child Support

As much joy as children bring, along with them comes immense cost for food, clothing, education, housing, and much more. It is only fair that the noncustodial parent pay for their child’s upbringing. Child support is a court ordered form of payment from the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent to pay for the normal expenses of raising a child.

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