A child is one of a parent’s most precious gifts, so you would do everything within your power to ensure proper financial support in raising him or her. Whether pursuant to a divorce case or between unmarried parents, child support can be a contentious issue. Unless you have a legal background, New York State laws related to seeking and enforcing child support orders are highly complicated.

Fortunately, you do not have tackle tough child support matters alone. Our attorneys at The Colwell Law Group, LLC have decades of combined experience serving parents in Herkimer County, NY, helping them obtain the best possible outcome in these cases. We deliver personalized, knowledgeable legal services with a goal to ensure a solid financial future for your child.


Overview of Child Support Under New York Law

In general, child support is money that a parent pays to a custodial parent to cover the costs related to raising the child. The funds may be applied for:

    • Food, shelter, and clothing;
    • Childcare;
    • Transportation;
    • Costs of living, such as utilities, cable, and internet;
    • School supplies and personal care items;
    • Any costs for extracurricular activities;
    • Vacations;
    • Toys and entertainment; and
  • Similar expenses.

The details of child support, including when and how often payments must be made, will be included in the order entered by the Herkimer County Family Court.

Determination of Child Support Amounts

Child support is intended to provide the child with the same relative lifestyle he or she would have enjoyed had the parents not divorced. Beyond this general standard, there are formulas to determine the amount of child support under New York State law. The court will specify a percentage of the paying parent’s income, based upon how many children he or she financially supports. In addition, a court will review:

    • Income received through workers’ compensation or disability;
    • The educational expenses of the child;
    • Provision of health insurance;
    • The combined income levels of the parents; and,
  • Other factors established by law.

Modifications of Child Support Orders

New York State law recognizes that, as circumstances change over time, it may be necessary to modify a child support order. Loss of employment, illness, injury or disability, and other major life disruptions can make it difficult for a parent to pay the designated amount. There is a process to modify a court’s child support order where there is a significant change in circumstances, specifically a situation where there is a 15 percent increase or decrease in one parent’s income. It is important to comply with the legal requirements for a child support modification. Non-payment has serious legal consequences.

Trust a Herkimer County Child Support Attorney with Your Case

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