Domestic violence is a crime that can affect anyone—women, men and even children. It typically involves intimate partners, but can include parents abusing children as well. It may involve physical violence, emotional abuse, threats and sexual assault.

More than 12 percent of New York high school students have experienced domestic violence from a boyfriend or girlfriend. Across the nation, domestic violence accounts for 15 percent of violent crime. More than 70 percent of murder-suicides involve an intimate partner. Of these victims, 94 percent are female.

There are many programs available in New York for those who are victims of domestic violence. If you have been victimized by a loved one, it’s important to seek legal help so the perpetrator can be punished for his or her actions. As a victim, you have other legal options as well. To learn more, your first step should be to contact Montgomery domestic violence lawyers at The Colwell Law Group.


Orders of Protection

An order of protection is a type of order that you obtain in family court. It is a legal order that protects you from the person who abused you. A restraining order is a type of order of protection.

An order of protection can help you in many ways. It will legally keep the abuser away from you, your children, your family members, home and workplace. The abuser will not be able to contact you in any way—even through third party contact. If you did not have custody of any children before, the order will give you temporary custody as well as child support. The abuser will also be ordered to pay your legal fees. He or she may also be forced to take classes and anything else that is necessary for your safety and protection.

To obtain an order of protection, you must prove that the person committed an offense against you, such as harassment, stalking, assault, sexual misconduct, sexual abuse, identity theft, strangulation, grand larceny, criminal mischief or coercion.

There are two types of protection: temporary ex parte and final. After you apply for an order of protection, the judge might issue a temporary order right away until you have your full court hearing. During the temporary order, the judge can order to take away the other person’s guns, if he or she has any. The temporary order can be extended multiple times until the judge hears the other person’s side of the case and determines whether to not to issue a final order.

Final orders of protection typically last for two years, but in some cases, they may last five years. This depends on aggravating circumstances such as weapon use, serious physical injury, prior convictions for crimes against you and evidence that the person is a danger to you.

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You should not have to live in fear of abuse from a loved one. If your spouse, partner or any other family member has been threatening you or causing physical or emotional abuse, it’s time to take action. Without an order of protection or some other type of legal action, you could end up seriously injured.

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