As written, the family law code in New York is gender neutral. A father has the exact same parental rights as does a mother. This dates back to the late 1970s, when the nation’s highest court declared unconstitutional many state-based family law rules that explicitly discriminated against fathers. While times have changed, there are still many old biases that do remain. Unfortunately, fathers sometimes have trouble exercising their full and equal parental rights.

At the Colwell Law Group, LLC, our Washington County Fathers’ Rights attorneys are committed advocates for fathers in the Capital Region of New York. If you are locked in a child custody or family law dispute, we are here to help. Our legal team is ready to provide you with the top-quality family law representation that you rightfully deserve.

Fathers: Know Your Rights in New York

Washington County fathers should know their rights under New York state law. Specifically, as a father of a child, it is your right to:

  • Seek child custody, including primary custody if the situation warrants that type of a finding;
  • Have a regular visitation and a full relationship with your child; and
  • Get to play an active and positive role in your child’s life.

In addition, if you do have primary custody, you have the right to receive child support.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult for fathers to protect their parental rights. It may feel like the court system is biased in favor of the mother. For this reason, it is especially important that you have a family law attorney by your side. At the Colwell Law Group, LLC, our Washington County fathers’ rights attorneys are prepared to be strong advocates for your individual parental interests.


New York Dads Deserve the Best Family Law Representation

Every child custody/visitation case is different. In some circumstances, the best option will be to advocate aggressively for sole custody of your child. In other cases, it may be better to try to work out the more sensible possible shared parenting agreement with your former partner.

Regardless, as a father, you need to be ready to demonstrate that you can provide the best environment for your child. If a New York family law court hears your case, the court will be primarily looking out for the best interests of your child. By demonstrating your parenting ability, and showing that you are willing to work together to do what is best for the well being and social development of your children, our Washington County fathers’ rights lawyers can get you the very best results in your family law case.

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