Domestic violence is a pressing problem our society today, with about one-third of women and one-fourth of men reporting having experienced some form of violence by a domestic partner. When domestic violence is so serious that the victim is fearful for their wellbeing and is afraid of imminent harm or death, action needs to be taken immediately. At the office The Colwell Law Group, LLC, we urge you to find a safe place if you are a domestic violence victim, and to call our Ulster County law firm right away to learn about your options and how to protect yourself.


Domestic Violence Orders of Protection in Ulster County

An order of protection, typically called a restraining order, is a type of legal order that mandates that an abusive person stay away from a victim. Protective orders are issued by both family law and criminal courts in Ulster County, and can be used to order the defendant to:

  • Refrain from making contact with an individual and their children;
  • Vacate a shared home;
  • Turn over custody of children to the other party (temporarily);
  • Pay child support; and
  • Refrain from purchasing or owning a firearm.

The purpose of a family court order of protection is to stop violence within the home. This type of order of protection can be sought against a current or former spouse, someone with whom you’ve had an intimate relationship, such as a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a someone to whom you’re related by blood or have shared children with.

In the event that you press criminal charges following an act of domestic violence, the court may issue a criminal order of protection.

How to Get an Order of Protection in Ulster County

If you are being abused by a member of your household, seeking an order of protection may provide you with the relief that you need. In order to get this type of order, you will need to file a petition for a protective order in Ulster County. You can ask for the judge to issue an immediate ex parte order, which is a temporary protective order that is issued without a hearing. In order for a protective order to go into effect for a longer amount of time, a hearing is required. Our lawyers know how intimidating going to a hearing in which you are asking for protection from a member of your household can be, especially as the defendant’s presence is requested at this hearing as well. We will support you throughout the entire process.

You Deserve Protection

Domestic violence is unacceptable, and if you are a victim, you deserve protection. Our Ulster County domestic violence lawyers can help you to seek an order of protection, and initiate other family law matters, such as a divorce or child custody case, in order to cut ties with the abusive party and start living your life in an independent and safe way.

To schedule a consultation with our law firm to get the legal counsel you need, please call or text us, or send us a confidential message via our website. We maintain your privacy.

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