Following a divorce, the financially disadvantaged spouse may be entitled to receive temporary or ongoing financial support from their former partner. This financial support is known as ‘alimony’ or ‘spousal support’. Based on a 1970s Supreme Court decision, all state alimony laws must be gender neutral. Both husbands and wives may potentially be eligible to receive, or ordered to pay, spousal support to their former partner.

At The Colwell Law Group, LLC, our Ulster County family law attorneys have extensive experience handling complex alimony disputes. If you believe that you are owed spousal support by your former partner, or that you may be asked to pay spousal support, our legal team is standing by, ready to ensure that your legal rights and financial interests are fully protected.


Understanding Alimony in New York

Under New York state law, there are two different types of alimony: temporary maintenance and post-divorce maintenance. Depending on the specific circumstances of your Ulster County divorce, either one of these forms of alimony could be awarded.

Temporary maintenance is spousal support that is awarded during the marital separation process itself. The purpose of this form of alimony is to provide much needed financial support to the economically disadvantaged spouse in the period between when the divorce is filed and when the case is finalized. Once the separation is finalized, temporary maintenance will end.

Post-divorce maintenance is alimony that is awarded following a divorce. The specific terms of this type of alimony award can vary dramatically. Indeed, the duration, the amount, and the purpose of post-divorce alimony will always depend entirely on the individual case.

What Factors are Considered in Alimony Awards

The New York family law code (DRL §236B(6)(E)(1)) allows judges to consider many different factors when crafting alimony awards. Among other things, New York family law courts will consider the following issues:

  • The total duration of the marriage;
  • The health status of each partner;
  • The age of each party;
  • The current and future financial outlook of each party;
  • The economic or career sacrifices that were made during the marriage; and
  • Any additional factor deemed necessary to come to an equitable alimony arrangement.

If alimony is an issue in your divorce case, you should always seek guidance from an experienced Ulster County spousal support lawyer. Alimony disputes are highly individualized. To get the best possible result in your dispute, it is imperative that you are able to prepare and present the strongest possible legal case. Your Ulster County divorce lawyer will be able to conduct an in-depth review of your marriage, in order to determine how to best serve your financial interests.

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