If domestic violence is occurring in your home, the most important thing that you can do is find a safe place for you and anyone else in the home who is affected by the violence. From there, our Schenectady County domestic violence lawyers at the law offices of The Colwell Law Group, LLC can help you to understand your options and how to seek legal protections.

Petitioning the Court for an Order of Protection

When you are the victim of harm or the threat of harm, an order of protection can provide you with some of the security that you need. An order of protection is a legal order issued by a court in New York that places certain limitations on the behavior of the person who is harming, or threatening to harm, you. An order of protection may order the violent person to:

  • Refrain from possessing a deadly weapon;
  • Move out of your home; and
  • Stay away from you and anyone else who is at risk of harm, such as your children.

Our Schenectady County domestic violence lawyer can help you to seek an order of protection by filing a family offense petition. We can also help you to seek custody of your children, child support, and even spousal maintenance.


Enforcing a Domestic Violence Order and Taking Next Steps

Our law firm can also help you to enforce a domestic violence order of protection if is is breached, which can have serious penalties for the defendant. While any criminal charges that are brought against the violent person are public record, an order of protection that is issued through the family court is completely confidential.

Once your order of protection has been issued, we can help you to take the next steps in your family law case, including initiating a dissolution of marriage (divorce) case. We can also help you to understand how any acts of domestic violence may place a role in your divorce settlement, such as how proof of domestic violence may affect a custody arrangement.

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Domestic violence is a very real, and very scary threat for countless individuals and their children living in Schenectady County. While you may feel helpless and unsure of where to turn when you are a victim of such violence, we want you to know that our lawyers are here to help you. We understand the delicacy of family law matters, and that you may love your spouse and be worried about what will happen if you seek protection against them. We remind you that we only handle civil, not criminal manners, and that all interactions with our law firm and with the family court are completely confidential, protecting your privacy.

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