Both Parents Have Rights

Parents who have children out of wedlock retain certain rights regarding child custody, child support, and visitation. Just because a father is not married to the mother of his child does not mean that he has no legal rights regarding the upbringing of his child. Additionally, the mother has rights to have a court-ordered paternity test to enforce child support payments, or to press back against child custody disputes of the father. According to NBC News, 12 percent of men, and 10 percent of women, responded to a survey saying that they had been in a situation where a paternity test was appropriate. The Colwell Law Group, LLC practices extensively in family law, and has over 20 years of combined experience among our lawyers. We handle all types of family cases, including rights of fathers. We encourage you to contact us at your soonest availability for help with your case.

Rensselaer Mothers Have Equal Rights Too

Unfortunately, nothing about raising a child is inexpensive. According to CNN, the cost of raising a child is nearly a quarter million dollars. From the cost of medical care to food and housing, raising a child costs a lot, which is why child support exists. Child support helps pay for the normal costs associated with raising a child from birth until they reach adulthood. Many fathers attempt to bail on their legal duty to support their child, and leave everything resting on the shoulders of the mother. One common excuse that potential fathers may make is that they are not the biological father of the child in question. A simple DNA paternity test can easily clear this up. And, if they are not willing to go through with a DNA test, we can help you have it court-ordered, meaning that they are legally obligated to go through with the test. Our other services to mothers include addressing child custody or visitation rights from the father.


Fathers Seeking Custody Should Establish Parenthood with a DNA Test

A DNA paternity test can establish that you do, in fact, have legal rights regarding decisions that affect your child. If there is any question over paternity, or if the mother refuses to admit that you are the biological father of the child, our attorneys can help prove your relation with a DNA test. This will allow you to pursue child custody and visitation. Additionally, we can provide assistance with responding to child support requests in Rensselaer County.

We Resolve Paternity Disputes

Another aspect of our services involves resolving disputes regarding the DNA paternity test results. Whether you are the father or the mother, there are often issues that arise in the aftermath of a DNA test, such as child support orders, custody, and more.

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