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Child custody disputes affect millions of American families, including thousands right here in Rensselaer County. This leads to heated arguments and a deteriorating relationship between you, the other parent, and even between both parents and the child. Take action to mitigate the turmoil and ensure that your child’s best interests are protected by contacting an attorney with the Rensselaer County law offices of The Colwell Law Group, LLC. We have more than 20 years of combined family law experience and we are here to help in your time of need.

Best Interest of the Child

The court will always decide in the best interest of the child, no matter what type of custody is being discussed or disputed, including:

  • Sole custody;
  • Split legal custody;
  • Physical custody; or
  • Visitation rights.

But what does the best interest of the child mean? All of the following criteria will be taken, regarding each parent, when it comes to creating a court ordered child support agreement, according to the New York City Bar Association:

  • Stability;
  • Proximity to quality education;
  • Who is staying in the child’s original home, city, or state;
  • Child caretaking ability;
  • Relationship with child;
  • History of drug or alcohol abuse;
  • Physical and mental health;
  • Who has been the primary caretaker;
  • Spousal abuse; and
  • Abuse or neglect (whether true or allegations). Sometimes, false allegations are made in order to receive sole custody. However, this can seriously backfire.


How Does Child Abuse Affect Child Custody?

Child abuse is one of the leading factors that a judge will look at when determining child custody. If the other parent has committed child abuse or neglect, or you have been wrongly accused of committing child abuse or neglect, hiring an attorney is a necessity. Child abuse is defined by the Administration for Child Services as abuse inflicted by a parent or caretaker that causes serious physical injury. Typical types of child abuse include:

  • Shaking;
  • Beating;
  • Kicking;
  • Biting;
  • Punching; and
  • Burning.

Also included is creating a condition that would lead to a child becoming seriously injured, such as allowing a very young child to play with the kitchen knives or get behind the wheel of a car. Neglect is forsaking one’s duty to provide adequate food, water, shelter, supervision, clothing, and care. Sexual abuse also has lifelong implications for any child, and has damaging effects that can lead to anxiety, depression, and even suicide. Call a lawyer today to ensure that the abusive parent does not receive custody, or protect yourself against false allegations.

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