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Few couples enter into marriage thinking that it will come to an end, but you may find yourself facing divorce regardless of how happy you are on your wedding day. If that time has come for you, the idea of divorce may be overwhelming. While it would be ideal to come to an agreement with your spouse on asset division, spousal maintenance, and issues related to minor children, this is not always possible. You must go to court for a determination, and your case may become even more complex.

You cannot put your rights at risk by taking on divorce yourself. When you work with the attorneys at The Colwell Law Group, you get peace of mind knowing that an experienced, knowledgeable legal team is tackling the challenges involved with an Otsego County, NY divorce case.


Key Issues in a New York Divorce

You may not realize the many aspects of your life that divorce will impact. Every case is different, but the majority of couples will address one or more of the common issues in the dissolution of marriage process. Our attorneys deliver a personalized approach to our client needs, so we can help with:

  • Asset Distribution: You and your spouse acquired many assets over the course of your marriage, and these items are subject to division in a divorce. New York State law requires an equitable distribution of marital assets, though it is rare to see an exact 50-50 split. Where you can agree with your spouse on property division, it is likely that an Otsego County Family Court judge will approve. However, where there are disagreements, the court will review:
    • You and your spouse’s respective ages;
    • The length of the marriage;
    • Whether alimony will be appropriate;
    • You and your spouse’s incomes during the marriage; and
    • The other assets you own as separate property.
  • Spousal Support: Generally, a court will order alimony so that one party can live the same or similar lifestyle had the marriage not ended. This concept typically leads to the higher earning spouse paying spousal maintenance to the lower earning party. Gender is not a consideration, though the wife historically receives alimony where she contributed to the household or raised children.

Divorces Involving Minor Children

Children are a paramount concern in a divorce case, so New York State law requires courts to order custody, visitation, and support according to the child’s best interests. Under this standard, a judge will look to each parent’s:

  • Ability to care for the child;
  • Mental and physical health;
  • Work schedules;
  • Willingness to cooperate on child-rearing issues; and,
  • Other factors as provided by statute.

In addition, any history of domestic violence will be considered. If appropriate given the child’s age, his or her wishes may also be a factor.

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