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For many people, reaching the end of the divorce process provides a sense of relief. However, while your divorce itself may be final, there could also be some aspects of your family law case that might potentially be reopened at some point in the future. When the circumstances warrant a new arrangement, either party to a divorce can seek a modification.

At The Colwell Law Group, our Otsego County divorce modification attorneys have deep experience handling complex divorce modification cases. Whether you are seeking a modification, or your former partner is seeking a modification, our legal team is ready to protect your parental rights and financial interests.


New York Divorce: What Issues Can Be Modified?

If you have already finalized your divorce, there are certain issues that cannot be modified. For example, the property division settlement or judgment generally cannot be reopened. However, there are some issues that are always open to post-judgment modification. The most notable examples include:


  • Child Support: Child support obligations are determined by weighing both the child’s needs and the financial status of each parent. In the event that there has been a significant change in circumstances, child support obligations can be altered.
  • Child Custody & Visitation: Child custody and visitation arrangements are always subject to modification. Until the child becomes a legal adult, there is a possibility that circumstances will change and a new custody or visitation agreement or order will be needed.
  • Spousal Support (Alimony): Under New York law (DRL §236B(6)(E)(1)), state family law courts can adjust alimony awards. Though, it should be noted that alimony modifications are only granted in limited cases.


You Must Prove a Substantial Change in Circumstances

There are two basic types of divorce modifications: those that both parties have already agreed to, and those in which one party is seeking a medication over the objection of the other party. If you and your former spouse have reached a settlement on a proposed modification, New York family courts will generally, but not always, go along with the proposed arrangement. However, if there is not an agreement, things can become complicated.

Often, New York family law courts are not eager to award modifications. The basic assumption of the courts is that the current arrangement is appropriate. The party that is petitioning for the modification must overcome that assumption. To get a family law modification, you should be ready to present compelling evidence that proves that there has been a substantial change in circumstances. That change in circumstances must be sufficient to justify a modification, and your proposed modification must make sense given the new circumstances. You should work with an experienced New York modification attorney who can help you present a strong case.

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