Parents want the best for their child, but may not always agree on key issues in New York child custody cases. State law does cover the rights and responsibilities of parents concerning children, whether after divorce or a paternity decree. However, the statute is complex and can be overwhelming when you are facing such a deeply personal family matter.

At The Colwell Law Group, LLC, our attorneys have the skills and experience necessary to protect your rights in a child custody dispute. We are at your side throughout the process, providing the advice and counsel you need to make informed decisions regarding your circumstances. Our lawyers have been representing parents throughout Orange County since 2005, and we can help you, too.


Overview of Child Custody New York

Despite the implication that “custody” only refers to where the child lives, the term is also used to describe the two primary types of custody under New York State law.

  1. Sole custody means that one parent has full authority to make decisions about the child’s care and well-being, including those related to education, healthcare, extracurricular activities, and other matters.
  2. Joint custody is where both parents, and potentially other caregivers, share in making decisions regarding the child’s life.

Note that Orange County Family Courts do use terms like “physical custody” or “primary placement residence” when discussing where a child lives, but legal custody is about decision-making. In determining child custody, the statute focuses on the best interests of the child, which involves weighing a number of factors. A judge will look to:

  • Any history of domestic violence with each parent;
  • Each parent’s physical and mental capabilities;
  • Whether one parent previously acted as the primary caregiver;
  • The willingness of parents to cooperate and communicate regarding child custody;
  • Work schedules and financial means to provide the child with proper care;
  • The child’s wishes, if age-appropriate;
  • Several other considerations as provided by law.

Offering Orange County Parents Superior Advocacy in Child Custody Cases

The role of your child custody lawyer should be to help you seek an arrangement that is fair, appropriate, and reasonable under the law. Our attorneys at The Colwell Law Group assist you in achieving your goals by developing a strategy that is customized for your situation. To best represent your interests, we:

  • Counsel you to define your objectives, in the context of your needs and those of your family;
  • Draw from our extensive knowledge and experience to implement a legal strategy to meet these objectives;
  • Communicate with you often to ensure you understand the proceedings; and,
  • Work with our entire team to obtain the best possible outcome.

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