Even if your child was born out of wedlock, you still have all of the same rights of a parent that had their child while married to the other parent. You can demand child custody, visitation rights, and child support whether you are the mother or the father. However, in order to prove that you are the father of the child to be awarded visitation, or to prove that an individual is the father and hold that person accountable for support, you will require the assistance of an experienced Greene County paternity lawyer. It may also be necessary to prove fatherhood with a DNA paternity test as well. Regardless of your specific situation, the compassionate family law attorneys with the Greene County offices of The Colwell Law Group, LLC are here to offer their legal assistance in every way possible.

Unmarried New York Mothers Have Rights

Food, housing, child care, medical care, and education all add up quickly, especially for a single mother. According to PIX 11 News, the average New York parents spend between $12,350 and $14,000 per year to raise their child. When you are on your own, in terms of providing all of these necessities, it can be virtually impossible to make ends meet or have anything left over. Even finding work that accommodates your child caring schedule can be extremely difficult. According to a recent survey and as reported by Forbes, the rate of unemployment for single mothers is nearly double that of married mothers. Because of this, fathers are required to pay child support to pull some of their weight. If you believe you know who the father is and wish to collect child support, you may need to establish his fatherhood with a court-ordered DNA test.


Unmarried New York Fathers Have Rights Too

Whether you are married to your child’s mother or not makes no difference in the rights that you have regarding child custody and visitation. However, it may be necessary to genetically prove your identity as the child’s father. This can be done with a DNA test, which is virtually 100 percent accurate. After your paternity has been proven, an experienced child custody and visitation attorney will help you in your quest to play a permanent role in your child’s life.

Disputes May Arise When Paternity is Uncertain

In our more than two decades worth of studying family law, we have come to understand that disputes surrounding paternity are quite common. We help mothers by going through the New York court system to establish paternity, and child support, through court-ordered DNA testing. Additionally, our attorneys provide legal assistance to men in the form of responding to a child support request from the mother who believes that you are the child’s biological father, even if you are not.

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