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The stress and anxiety of a child custody battle tend to bring out the raw emotions and sometimes less than rational thinking and conversation that come with such a heated and important issue. In fact, divorce is one of the most stressful times of both a parent’s and a child’s life, according to a report published in the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science. Because your child custody case may be one of the most important determining aspects to your life, it is crucial that you work with an experienced attorney. We strongly urge you to contact one of the compassionate Greene County child custody attorneys of The Colwell Law Group, LLC immediately to begin conversations on how we can help you achieve your custody goals.

Criteria That Determine Child Custody in New York

You may wonder how the court decides who gets legal custody, how the court decides whether or not split custody is the best option, or who gets visitation rights. It is important to understand that your child’s future depends on what the court believes is in their best interest. According to New York Courts, the “best interest of the child” is based on the set of criteria listed below:

  • Who the main caregiver of the child has been;
  • Parenting skills of each parent, including their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Ability of each parent to provide special needs;
  • Mental and physical health of each parent;
  • Domestic violence history of either parent;
  • Work schedules of each parent;
  • Child’s relationship with their siblings and other family members;
  • Preferences of the child, depending on their age (the preference of a very young child will not be taken into consideration); and
  • Both parents’ cooperative abilities with each other and their willingness to encourage a relationship with the other parent, provided that it is safe to do so.


We Have the Answers to All of Your Questions

In our many years representing New York and Greene County parents in all issues of divorce matters and child custody, we have seen virtually every scenario in New York’s Family Court. We encourage you to ask every question that is on your mind, and if your lawyer cannot provide a reasonable, well-thought-out, and honest answer, we suggest you keep on searching for a lawyer that can. Questions to ask your lawyer include:

  • Have you represented parents that have been in the same or very similar circumstances as me? For example, have you successfully advocated on the behalf of same-sex parents, who may face a different set of challenges than heterosexual parents”
  • If the other parent makes false allegations, how do we deal with that?
  • Have you had to mediate conflicts between parents, and if so, how?
  • What particularly challenging cases have you dealt with in the past and won? What challenges do you foresee in my particular case?
  • Will I be able to modify the court’s decision if I am not satisfied, and if so, how do we do that?

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