Alimony is a court-ordered obligation for one spouse to make ongoing payments to the other after divorce. During a marriage, each spouse makes compromises that can impact their own earning potential. For instance, one spouse may stay home to take care of kids or one spouse may work to pay for the other’s education. The intent behind alimony, also known as spousal support or maintenance, is to provide the lower-earning spouse with enough financial support to transition into supporting themselves.

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If you are concerned about paying the bills after your divorce or you want to ensure that the alimony you are paying is a reasonable amount, contact the Greene County alimony attorneys at The Colwell Law Group, LLC. Our focus on divorce and child custody means we have the experience to handle alimony cases, even when they are complex and disputed. Our Greene County attorneys understand that the amount and duration of spousal maintenance have a lasting impact on both parties of a divorce and want to set you up for financial success post-divorce.

Does Alimony Always Benefit the Wife?

Alimony is paid from the higher-earning spouse to the lower-earning spouse, regardless of gender. Since men tend to be paid higher wages in the workforce, it is also more common to see men paying spousal support payments to their ex-wife. According to the NYC Bar, there are twenty factors a court will consider when determining the payment amounts and duration of alimony. Income, property, length of marriage, and what education is required for one party to be self-sufficient are all aspects of a marriage that the judge looks at. At The Colwell Law Group, LLC we are here to discuss all of the factors that may influence your spousal support and help you get a fair resolution.


Types of Spousal Support

Even before a divorce is finalized, a spouse may petition for temporary spousal maintenance. Post-divorce payments can be either durational or non-durational. Durational assumes that an ex-spouse needs time to become self-supporting and the alimony payments will help them maintain a certain lifestyle that they had become accustomed to up until that point. Non-durational payments are meant to be paid out until one spouse dies or until the supported spouse remarries.

Maintenance Statutes

In recent years New York State has made sweeping changes to alimony laws. As of 2016 there is now the maintenance guidelines law, which provides formulas to determine the amount of the financial obligation one spouse owes the other. Even with the formulas in place, each divorce comprises a unique case with many variables to account for.

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